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Bach Festival – Unforgettable!

By July 15, 2015September 23rd, 2020No Comments

Words heard by fellow audience members after seeing the opening concert featuring Spanish pianist Leopoldo Erice: “incredible”, “simply amazing”, “awesome” and “mind-boggling” to name a few.

What a treat and an honour for our area to host the musicians that are playing in Exeter this week during the Bach Music Festival. For anyone that enjoys listening to classical music, choral ensembles or musical instruments in general this event is not to be missed. Unfortunately this event only comes once every 2 years. Check out the performances and get tickets while they are still available.

Later this week:

– Wednesday July 15th at 8:00pm: Echoes of Back featuring Reverb Brass
– Thursday July 16th at 8:00pm: A Summer Evening featuring Bach Festival Chamber Choir and Orchesra
– Friday July 17th at 7:30pm: Youth Arts Program Showcase
– Saturday July 18th at 7:00pm: Gala Closing Performance featuring a double choir of over 100, full orchestra and 6 soloists.

Why not stay the night in Grand Bend? Check out our special Bach Festival Package available this week, and enjoy a special at Eddington’s of Exeter for dinner.